hi i'm bella and i'm not very good at being alive

Alberto Polo Iañez

Rodarte Spring 2015 NYFW
I fucked up while shaving and it’s been 2 days but the cut is still bleeding. Any advice?

Salvador Dali ~ “The Temptation of St Anthony”, 1946

In 1946, Dali was invited to participate in a painting competition organized by a movie-producing firm called the Loew Lewin Company. The winner of the eleven person competition would have his or her painting worked into an upcoming feature film. After a few days of work in a New York studio, Dali submitted The “Temptation of Saint Anthony” as his entry. It was the first and only time Salvador Dali participated in an art contest. He lost to Max Ernst, a German artist and innovator of the Dada movement.

Odalisque with Cactus and FishbowlJennifer May ReilandColored pencil on paper9 x 12 in


THE WHITE STRIPES | The Hardest Button to Button

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A girl shows her decorated hands during a bridal competition show in  Peshawar, Pakistan.

lara mullen in vogue uk april ‘12 photographed by josh olins

‘Pigeon feeding near Blue Mosque’, 1991, Steve McCurry

Burning Man, 2014.