hyunsoo kim



David Bowie, 1976

I’m really stuck between taking 4 courses and 5. Like shit I don’t even want to be going to this school so how the fuck am I gonna chose courses when they don’t have many things that cater to my interests (thus my displeasure) and fuuuucccckkkkk I just wanna make movies I don’t want to waste 4/5 years of my life on a degree that will get me no where in life/waste the money my great aunt gave me for uni oh no here comes the doubting again :(


Orange Is the New Black (2013)

me at parties: and so thats why mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent crimes is unconstitutional and needs to be struck down




i dont want to be buried when i die i want to decompose into the earth like everything else does i want bugs to eat my flesh and i want to become the dirt and have plants grow out of my rib cage i dont want to just rot under ground and just be another gravestone 

*Take the Mirror by White Lung blasts in the background*


Bad Reichenhall is a spa town in Bayern, Southern Germany very close to Salzburg in Austria, population: 18,351. As with all German towns, the “Bad” (“bath”) in the name implies that it is a spa town. Since the early 19th century, Bad Reichenhall has been famous for being a health resort. 

So far for uni I have only chosen 4 classes/credits out of the 5 that are usually done and I’m sorta conflicted because my parents and my doctors keep telling me to stick with only 4 classes for now but idk I want to take 5 so that I can experience a full school load like my old school was so pansy we did 2 classes a day over the course of a 12 week term and idk I just really want to do something normal for once in my life :/